Graduate Programs

Sophia University's graduate school provides an environment conducive to cross-disciplinary research while enhancing academic expertise.


Broad scope of education and flexible thinking for knowledge creation open to world and to the future.

Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Philosophy

Study of the general tradition of Western thought from a philosophical perspective.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in History

Offering three courses in Japanese, oriental, and western history, the department also conducts research activities that extend beyond the framework of the courses.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Japanese Literature

Conducts research in Japanese literature ( classic and and modern ), Japanese linguistics, and Chinese literature.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in English and American Literature

Aiming to examine Anglo-American literature as an integral part of the larger context of “Western Civilization”.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in German Literature

Through understanding the literature, art and culture of the German-speaking world in the historical and cultural context of Europe, our mission is to find guidelines for living in this rapidly changing world.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in French Literature

Designed to equip students with advanced textual reading and analysis skills in French literature, French culture, and French language.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Journalism

Designed to focus on mass communication theory, journalism theory, and media analysis.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Cultural Interaction

By tracing interactions between various cultures, our research examines in detail the process by which new cultures were created in the east and the west.


Science and Technology

Combining expertise that contributes to innovation in each academic field with an interdisciplinary approach

Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Mechanical Engineering

This program conducts advanced research related to mechanical engineering with the keyword of “manufacturing”.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The research conducted with the aim of acquiring rich leadership and imagination as well as basic academic skills in electrical and electronic engineering.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Applied Chemistry

Offering research lab divisions in Organic Synthetic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Industrial Physical Chemistry and conducts a wide range of research and education.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Chemistry

Offering research lab divisions in Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Coordination/Complex Chemistry and fosters the ability and academic knowledge to conduct independent research.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Mathematics

The program is centered on the “Mathematics Seminar” where students are exposed to a wide range of topics on modern mathematics through a variety of lectures and research.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Physics

Students acquire broad knowledge and skills in a wide range of research fields, including theoretical research such as nuclear physics and experimental research such as atomic and molecular physics.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Biological Science

This program covers a wide range of fields from basic to advanced. with offering of the experimental techniques and concepts required for research in the subdivided biological sciences.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Information Science

The research is conducted on a variety of themes in the fields of Human Information, Social Information, and Electronics Information while interacting with people inside and outside of the university.


Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Science and Technology/ Green Science and Engineering (English Program)

This program is entirely conducted in English with an emphasis on research related to environment and sustainability.


Global Environmental Studies

Integrate knowledge from the social and natural sciences and link theory and practice to bring solution to environmental problems on global level





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