Sophia University has faculties and courses (English-taught Programs) that offer degrees taught entirely in English. The Faculty of Liberal Arts, the Faculty of Science and Technology English Course, and the English-taught program offered as collaboration between six departments (SPSF) all offer degrees (bachelor’s degrees) taught entirely in English.

Faculty of Liberal Arts


The Faculty of Liberal Arts was originally established as the International Division in 1949 as the only faculty in Japan where all classes are taught in English, and this style of learning has continued even after the name was changed to the Faculty of Liberal Arts. In addition to liberal arts education, the program fosters advanced language skills and logical thinking in English. Students can earn a degree in a highly international environment with a large number of international students.

English Course, Faculty of Science and Technology


This is an English course in which all classes, examinations, reports, research guidance, and thesis writing are conducted in English, enabling students to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree. There are two courses: the Green Science Course in the Department of Materials and Life Science and the Green Engineering Course in the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Both international and Japanese students study in a field that requires a global perspective and mindset on global environmental issues.

SPSF:English-taught program offered as collaboration between six departments

The world now needs to address a wide variety of sustainability issues. Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures (SPSF) is an English course offered in cooperation with six departments that aims to nurture people who can contribute to solving these issues. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree by studying specialized subjects in their respective departments while learning about common subjects based on the topic of sustainable future in English.

SPSF Departments

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Journalism

Faculty of Human Sciences

Department of Education

Department of Sociology

Faculty of Economics

Department of Economics

Department of Management

Faculty of Global Studies

Department of Global Studies

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