Undergraduate Programs

The fields of study offered at Sophia University overlap with each other. All faculties are concentrated on the Yotsuya Campus.

Faculty of Theology

In search of truth and a view of the modern world from a Christian perspective.

Faculty of Humanities

Understanding and depicting the world created by humans.

Department of Philosophy

Nurture the ability to think and express thoughts, and to approach issues with analytical ability, grasping ability, and insight.


Department of History

By studying the theories and methods of historiography, students will develop the ability to view society and the times relatively and objectively, while maintaining an international perspective and a diversified historical awareness.


Department of Japanese Literature

Through the study of Japanese culture, students gain academic knowledge and insight into the essence of humanity, society, and culture, with both expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge.


Department of English Literature

Through the analysis of literary works written in English, students acquire skills to address emerging issues that are real yet unknown, and to apply their intellect and the language skills to finding solutions to challenging issues of the international community in various capacities.


Department of German Literature

Through the acquisition of the German language and the study of German culture, students will develop an insight into the world and people, as well as advanced linguistic skills to express themselves creatively.


Department of French Literature

Students will not only acquire a high level of French language skills and become familiar with French culture, but will also acquire the multifaceted mindset and open-mindedness to diversity that is at the root of the French ethos.


Department of Journalism

This course examines a wide range of issues related to the press and media, covering journalism and media communication in general


Faculty of Foreign Studies

Think and act from a global perspective through “3 languages” and “3 perspectives”

Department of English Studies

Develop advanced proficiency in the use of English to contribute to a globalized society by acquiring and mastering a broad range of knowledge that will serve as a foundation for specialized studies in area studies, language studies, etc.


Department of German Studies

Develop advanced proficiency in the German language, understand the culture, values, and mindsets of German-speaking countries, and acquire cross-cultural understanding and a global perspective.


Department of French Studies

Study the French language and French-speaking societies comprehensively and multilaterally in order to become world-class experts in foreign studies.


Department of Hispanic Studies

Acquire specialized knowledge of the globally expanding Ispanian language and the Ispanian-speaking world, as well as a high level of intercultural communication skills, in order to gain a multifaceted and relative view of the world.


Department of Russian Studies

The goal is to acquire proficiency in the Russian language, to understand the present state of Russia, its people’s culture and spirituality, and to serve as a bridge between Japan and Russia.


Department of Luso-Brazilian Studies

In addition to Portugal and brazil, the program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Portuguese-speaking regions, and encourage them to embrace the frontier spirit of the Portuguese, who pioneered the age of discovery, and take on the challenges presented by the global arena.


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