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At Sophia University, research activities are based on our founding principles of internationalism and neighborliness, conducted in a multifaceted manner on domestic and international fields. Sophia University’s unique environment, in which all graduate schools and research institutes are concentrated on a single campus, allows for active collaboration among researchers and research institutes beyond the boundaries of their respective departments. The results of research not only contribute to the development of academia and society, but the latest findings are also integrated into educational activities. Sophia University researchers continue to work on a wide variety of research topics with an interdisciplinary and fusion approach, emphasizing this cycle.

Sophia University’s Research Activities

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Research on Priority Areas

Sophia University designates research themes in accordance with the “five research themes” based on the “three goals” of the University, as well as interdisciplinary and organized research that takes advantage of the characteristics of a comprehensive university.

Designated Priority Area Research Topics

2018 – 2021
Creation of artificial leaves and photochemical conversion
Research on clean energy is essential for solving the energy problems of the next generation, and this research aims to construct an artificial leaf that enables water photolysis by combining inorganic and organic semiconductors as a solution to this problem. Specifically, the feature of this research is to realize an artificial leaf cell that combines organic and inorganic semiconductors in order to achieve high efficiency of water splitting.
Principal Researcher
Kazuhiko Shimomura
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences
2020 – 2022
Research on Language, Education, and Human Data Processing
To realize a sustainable human society, we conduct research centered on education, language, and human data processing based on data science. In this context, we conduct everything from basic scientific research to applied research from the perspectives of international contributions, foreign language education, and human support, which are the hallmarks of our university.
Principal Researcher
Tomoharu Shibuya
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Information and Communication Sciences

Special Funds for the Promotion of Academic Research

Priority Area Research is funded by Sophia University’s own research grant system, the “Sophia University Special Grant for Academic Research.” In addition to Priority Area Research, Sophia University also has a grant for Optional Subjects.

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