Exchange Student from an Overseas University

Exchange Student from an Overseas Partner Institution

Exchange students are students who come to Japan to participate in an exchange program from a partner institution abroad that has an exchange agreement with Sophia University. All procedures for participating in an exchange program are handled through your home university. At Sophia University, it is possible to take courses and earn credits as an exchange student for one year or one semester.

Information on Exchange Programs at Sophia University

Exchange Program Application

A recommendation from your home university is required to apply for the exchange program. In addition, there are required application qualifications and documents to be submitted. After applying through your home university and being accepted, you will proceed with your own travel preparations, including visa acquisition procedures.

Academic Calendar

Sophia University offers classes in two semesters: spring and fall. In addition to national holidays, the university has its own holidays, such as St. Xavier’s Day and University Foundation Day.

Course Handbook and Syllabus

Exchange students who wish to take classes in English are mainly enrolled in the Faculty of Liberal Arts or the Faculty of Science and Technology English Courses. They can take classes in English and Japanese language courses offered by the Center for Language Education and Research. If you meet the Japanese language proficiency requirement, you may be accepted by faculties where classes are taught in Japanese. Details of the course contents are listed in the course handbook and syllabus. Some courses are not available to exchange students.

Housing Information and Scholarship

There are a variety of housing options in Tokyo, including international dormitories operated by Sophia University. There are also scholarships for exchange students.

For more information, please contact your university’s study abroad office or visit the “Exchange Programs” page on Web Piloti. Brochures on exchange programs are also available.

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