In 2013, Sophia University celebrated its 100th anniversary and established the Visual Identity Guidelines for the school color, emblem, and communication mark. The school emblem and school colors symbolize the aspirations of Sophia University since its founding. In order to convey this aspiration with consistency and continuity over the next 100 years, Sophia University will continue to make active use of the VI to visually communicate what Sophia University is all about in its various educational, research, and extracurricular activities.

Copyrights to the logotype and school colors belong to Sophia School Corporation, and application and permission must be obtained from Sophia University before use.


School insignia

The official and only shape signifying Sophia School Corporation and Sophia University.

University logo

A logo (text string and emblem represented as a single graphic element) officially indicating Sophia University.


In visual communication, a design tool strongly emphasizing what Sophia University stands for.


The SOPHIA U logo is designed to be used especially in advertising materials, goods, and other productions that are required to foster familiarity and sympathy with the University through their own design.

Educational Philosophy

The Educational Philosophy is an important principle that expresses the foundation of Sophia University’s education. The logo of the Educational Philosophy is a graphic representation of the letters in order to make this important philosophy unique.

School color

School color

Compassionate Claret

In the 100 years since our founding, Sophia University has continued to educate young people, endowing them with wisdom and a global perspective based on Christian humanism. The color symbolizing our unbroken flow of thoughts and feelings is Compassionate Claret.
The name was created by combining the compassion that is at the foundation of Sophia’s pursuit of humanism, academic disciplines, and contributions to society, with the “claret” (a particularly deep shade of red) color of the red wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France.


Wisdom Fruit

Young people gain knowledge through their education, further leading to wisdom that brings the world together. As Sophia University looks ahead to the next 100 years, we will advance this mission even further. The color vividly symbolizing our commitment is Wisdom Fruit. This name was created from “the fruit of wisdom,” figurative of the way people gain outstanding wisdom and share it with others. We see this Wisdom Fruit as something that becomes sweeter and more delicious as it is shared more deeply with more and more people.

Color combination

Wave of the Future

While developing the aspirations and convictions that have been preserved ever since the founding, we will begin to walk toward the future with flexibility and sincerity.
Wave of the Future vibrantly and powerfully combines two colors that symbolize the 100 years of Sophia University up to now and the next 100 years, representing our own vibrant, powerful approach and our desire to bring the world together with wisdom.
The wave shape is a design suggesting the S of Sophia.

Support color

Urban Navy

The support color, “Urban Navy,” is combined with the school colors to highlight the brand’s symbolic school colors and express the image of Sophia University, which nurtures human resources capable of taking on new challenges while cherishing its unwavering traditions in the ever-evolving and developing city of Tokyo.

Support color

Urban Gray

In addition to Urban Navy, which plays a central role, there are three other grays in the support color range, with lightness adjusted for use over larger areas.

Use of the Visual Identity

Application is required to use the Visual Identity of Sophia University. Please refer to the Web Piloti page Sophia University Visual Identity/Sophian-kun for the procedure for use.
*Please note that we do not grant permission for use to outside organizations unrelated to Sophia University.

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