Non-Matriculated Student

Non-matriculated students are students who only take specific courses and earn credits without the goal of earning a degree at Sophia University. Please note that those who are coming to Japan on a temporary visitor visa or who will be coming to Japan in the future must apply as Non-Degree Students.

The following courses are currently accepting applications at Sophia University.

Free Enrollment Course

Students are required to select and apply for the courses they wish to take from the list of courses available to non-matriculated students. If a student is selected for enrollment, he/she may attend classes and earn credits in the same manner as regular students. The term of study is per semester (spring and fall semesters), and there is a limit to the number of credits that can be taken. Free enrollment courses include undergraduate courses (including courses offered entirely in English, such as the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of Science and Technology English Course), graduate courses (including courses offered entirely in English, such as Global Studies), and courses offered by the Center for Language Education and Research for non-native Japanese speakers to help them learn Japanese.

Please refer to the “Non-Matriculated Students” page on Web Piloti for application guidelines such as application deadline and criteria, and a list of courses that can be taken in the free enrollment course.

Teaching and Curator Credentials Course

This course is designed for those who plan to obtain a teaching certificate or curatorial license and are graduates of Sophia University or Seibo University, graduate students who are currently enrolled in Sophia University, or current students of Sophia University Junior College Division. (There is no teaching or curatorial course for non-matriculated students who do not fall under any of those categories.)

Please check the “Non-Matriculated Students (Teaching and Curator Credentials Courses)” page (Japanese only) on Web Piloti for the application period and application guidelines for teaching and curator credentials courses.

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