Sophia University Research Organization

In April 2005, The Sophia Research Organization was established as an umbrella organization

to oversee and support collaborative research activities by members of the Sophia faculty.

Building on the base of the existing specialized research institutes and the university’s program

for intra-university collaborative research, it has undertaken new initiatives to strengthen and

coordinate research activities and to support the training of younger scholars. To achieve these

objectives, the University is undertaking the following activities.


The Sophia Research Organization has two research divisions: Research Institutes Division

and Project Research Division. Research activities are carried out in individual research units

which are established under each of the two divisions.

Research Institutes Division

This division was established for the purpose of ensuring the stability of continuous research activities. The activity expenses and administrative staff personnel expenses that form the basis of each institute’s activities are paid from the university’s budget, and each institute has its own dedicated research facilities and equipment. For more information, please visit the Sophia University Research Institutes Division website.

Institute for Christian Culture

While pursuing the value of Christianity in its historical transition, various contemporary cultures, and vision for the future, we are also engaged in specialized research on various Eastern religions.


Institute of Medieval Thought

The purpose of this program is to study European medieval thought from a wide range of aspects, including Christian theology, philosophy, literature, history, education, law, and the history of science.


Iberoamerican Institute

It is one of Japan’s leading research institutes on Latin America and the Caribbean. Offers extensive collection of books, and also engages in vigorous exchanges with researchers and cultural figures from various countries, publishing activities, lectures and symposiums.


Linguistic Institute for International Communication

In addition to theoretical linguistic research, the institute contributes to national policy information transfer through research in applied linguistics, English language teaching methods, speech-language pathology, and phonetics.


Institute of Global Concern

The Institute of Global Concern (IGC) was established in April 2010 with a mission to conduct research from a global perspective, on a range of issues that threaten the dignity and solidarity of humans to provide opportunities for the conscientization of students and the public through its research output, and to dngage in activities with an aim to realize another, better world.


Institute of Comparative Culture

the Institute of Comparative Culture (ICC) promotes interdisciplinary studies in social sciences and humanities from a comparative perspective, building the global networks of Sophia’s own international researchers, and supporting worldclass researchers outside Japan who want to conduct research with ICC members.


European Institute

It conducts comprehensive and interdisciplinary research on history, society, language, and culture throughout Europe, and disseminates its findings widely in multiple languages.


Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies

Using area studies methods, the institute conducts research on the archaeology, history, religion, and politics of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The goal is build research with a global consciousness across multiple fields and eras, and thereby to contribute to mutual understanding in international society.


Institute of American and Canadian Studies

Interdisciplinary and comprehensive research on various issues in both the U.S. and Canada. The results are returned to the field of education and contribute to the informative educationn about the region.


Institute for Studies of the Global Environment

The Institute for Studies of the Global Environment grew out of the Earth Environment Law Research Center that was established in the Faculty of Law in 1994. Teaching personnel of faculties of economics, science and technology, and other fields are members of the staff, which also includes staff from the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, established in 2005.


Institute of Media, Culture and Journalism

Collaborating with researchers inside and outside the university, media professionals, and government agencies, we deepen our research on media communication and journalism in Japan and abroad, and actively present the results of our research.


Institute of Islamic Area Studies

The only permanent Islamic regional research center in Japan. It aims to contribute to the promotion of Islamic area studies in Japan and to promote the recognition and development of research in the world at large.


Project Research division

The Project Research Division provides support for research groups conducting research activity with funds provided by such external organizations and individuals. Units established as project research units may eventually become the basis for new units in the Research Institutes Division. The program aims to improve the research level and expand the research areas of Sophia University as a whole, as well as to contribute to the development of society.

Affiliated Research Organizations

Sophia University has research institutes that are not affiliated with other Research organizations, each of which has its own unique research activities.

Institute of Grief Care

With the aim of building a healthy society in which those who suffer from grief, “grievers”, are cared for, we conduct research on grief care and the Institute’s activities include professional training for grief care counselorsIt. We also hold public lectures and other events.


Sophia University Institute of Bioethics

It is an interdisciplinary research center that covers areas encompassing bioethics, medical ethics, and medical welfare, and conducts ethical, legal, and social research on human life. Symposiums and seminars are held.


Monumenta Niponica

Monumenta Nipponica, first published in 1938, is one of the world’s leading journals for Japanese studies.


Semiconductor Research Institute

A research center established as part of Sophia University’s 100th anniversary project. We are developing new fields of research, especially those related to semiconductor engineering.


Sophia Institute of International Relations

Actively collaborates with domestic and international research institutions in both international politics and security-related research. We hold research meetings, lectures, symposiums, and seminars for students.。


Human Resource Center for International Cooperation

We bring together the expertise of experienced professionals to provide comprehensive support for the professional training on who aim to play an active role in international fields. Lectures, symposiums, and public lectures are planned and held to provide information.


Institute of Inclusive Community

Established through an industry-academia collaboration with Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. We aim to realize a society where no one is left behind by addressing issues such as social participation of people with disabilities through sports, support for victims of disasters, and support for foreign residents in Japan.


Sophia Institute for Human Security (SIHS)

This research institute is co-operated with Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd., to be a new type of industry-academia collaboration striving for social implementation based on the results of our joint effort” issues facing the international community, and are using social science research methods to design effective policies and institutions to resolve these issues.


Sophia Island Sustainability Institute (ISI)

Sophia Island Sustainability Institute was established on July 1, 2022, for the purpose to harness the transdisciplinary expertise within Sophia University alongside that of international partners to enable valuable research and related activities to be undertaken in collaboration with island partners in Japan and overseas that supports island sustainability for the benefit of all.


Affiliated Research Organizations

Research institute attached to Sophia University’s founding body, Sophia School Corporation.

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