Each of you has your own characteristic and potential. In order to develop these characteristics and expand their possibilities, Sophia University wants all students to enjoy a fulfilling university life. The Career Center offers programs and a variety of information to help students think about their career paths, and can be used regardless of grade level.

Programs for All Students

We offer career education courses that can be taken from lower grades.

General Studies offered in 2022 (Held in Japanese)

Internship Guidance

Internships are very beneficial for recognizing your own values and sense of fulfillment, as well as for gaining an image of what it is like to work in society. We disclose and solicit applications provided by companies and government agencies, and offer guidance and courses according to the timing of the activity.

Study group to develop strategic thinking and interpersonal negotiation skills

We offer a two- to three-day workshop in which students engage in group work with peers across faculties and grades. We cultivate “practical skills to achieve a single goal in a group,” which is required in society. (Held in Japanese)

We hold events where alumni who are active in society talk about how they spent their college days and what they really enjoy about their jobs. This is a great opportunity to hear about experiences that only graduates can share.

Program for Juniors and Seniors

“Self-analysis” to understand what kind of person you are, “industry and company research” to find a place to work by utilizing your strengths, and “entry sheet preparation” and “interview preparation” to communicate these to potential employers. From basic knowledge about job hunting to practical advice, we support job hunting activities according to the timing and stage of the activity. By participating in this program, you can naturally set the pace for your job-hunting activities.

Individual company information sessions will be held on campus at the same time as the companies release their recruitment information. About 400 leading companies from various industries visit the school every year, and visitors can hear explanations of content specific to Sophia University students. In addition, alumni from many companies will be present to answer your questions. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and the company.

An important factor in obtaining a job offer is whether the company matches your strengths and interests. Here are some ways to explore the company’s business operations, challenges, and working environment necessary to achieve this. By hearing actual job descriptions from people working in various industries and comparing multiple companies, you will find it easier to discover your own work perspective and criteria for choosing a job.

Entry Sheet examination -> Web-Test -> Interview (first~ final), the corporate recruiting process comes one after another.

The Career Center offers preparation programs for each exam and at different times of the year. You can learn your weak points and prepare for them at an early stage.

Various seminars related to jobs that utilize language skills and global work styles, as well as an English career fair will be held. There will also be lectures to support job hunting activities before and after study abroad, as well as a debriefing session on job hunting experiences by people who have studied abroad.

For international students who wish to find a job in Japan, we provide guidance explaining the characteristics and basic information about job hunting in Japan, and job hunting advice sessions by senior international students. We also have a program where students can practice group discussions and interviews. For more information for current students, please visit Web Piloti.

There are a wide variety of types of civil servants and job descriptions, including national and local civil servants. In addition to exam preparation, we hold seminars where you can hear about job descriptions and experiences from human resources staff at various agencies, graduates who are active in government ministries and agencies, and people who have received job offers. (Held in Japanese)

This program is a chance for those who have completed their job-hunting activities to reflect on their own “job-hunting process” and speak frankly about what advice they would like to give to current students looking to job-hunt. Several seniors who have received job offers will take the podium for a panel discussion, asking questions such as, “When did you start? How did you choose your industry and company? and other common questions. Personal sessions are also held, where you can freely ask questions and discuss in a round-table discussion format. You can take advantage of specific and practical advice from senior students.

Report of Job-hunting Process

The Career Center publishes the experiences of seniors who have completed their job-hunting processes. The content is specific and practical, including points to keep in mind for entry sheets and interviews, as well as advice throughout the entire job-hunting process. You can make the most of your seniors’ experiences and advice. (Available in Japanese)

When seeking employment in the technical field, it is important to consider what type of work you would like to do and understand which companies are seeking to use make of the skills and achievements you have acquired in your specialized field. On the other hand, a certain degree of flexibility is also necessary to avoid narrowing your perspective and missing out on options and opportunities by becoming too attached to your field of specialization. In addition, science and engineering students need to have good communication skills as well as their natural ability to think logically. In this program, we mainly hold occupational and career research meetings, job hunting consultations, industry research meetings, and school recommendation guidance sessions with the cooperation of alumni. (Held in Japanese)

Guidance on how to select a hospital and how to proceed with the job hunting process, as well as preparation for essay writing exams and etiquette classes for hospital interviews are offered. (Held in Japanese)

Guidance will be given on the status of teacher recruitment in public and private schools and trends in employment examinations and job offers. Advice meetings with senior students who have been offered teaching positions will also be held. We also provide procedural support for school recommendation applications for public school teacher employment examinations offered by local governments. (Held in Japanese)

We offer a roundtable program in which alumni who have graduated from Sophia University and are active in various fields talk about their jobs and workplaces.

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