Media Relations and Filming/Photograpy on Campus

Please contact the Office of Public Relations in advance while clarifying the content, date and subject of the interview or filming/photography. Please read the following instructions and submit details using the form below:


  • As a general rule, we do not accept requests pertaining to the following:
    1. Location rental for location shooting of dramas, movies, TV programs and image filming that are unrelated to the University
    2. Interviews and surveys not related to the University
    3. Introductions of faculty staff and students
    4. Fact-checking of content not related to the University (e.g., quiz show questions)
    5. Filming of videos for online streaming without the University’s permission
  • We do not respond to inquiries regarding the personal information of current students, alumni, or faculty members.
  • Parking is not available.
  • Please be sure to wear the armband provided by the University when conducting interviews and taking photographs.

Office of Public Relations
TEL 03-3238-3179

Sophia University

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