Sophia University Admissions Policy

Offering an education founded on the spirit of Catholicism, Sophia University aims to develop human resources with a focus on the four pillars provided below, and welcomes students who seek to enhance these qualities.

1. Nurturing the Christian humanism spirit

Embracing and understanding Christian humanism, or Sophia University’s founding philosophy, developing personalities through serving others and society, and engaging in self-improvement in pursuit of the truth and genuine freedom.

2. Nurturing leadership in serving others

Fostering the spirit of “for Others, with Others,” acknowledging the benefits gained from society, assuming the associated responsibilities, and nourishing the basic skills required for leadership.

3. Fostering global competency

Embracing an interest in global issues, acquiring the skills to communicate in several languages, understanding and positively accepting cultural differences and being able to bridge them.

4. Gaining an appreciation of a wide range of culture and acquiring knowledge and skills in one’s specialized discipline

Acquiring the basic skills expected of an adult, including an appreciation of culture and communication skills, as well as acquiring the expertise and specialized skills of the disciplinary field they are majoring in.

Associating the four abovementioned pillars with the three factors of academic performance, Sophia University seeks students who endeavor to enhance “self-initiative, dialogue and collaborativeness” in the context of pillars and 2, students who endeavor to deepen their “thinking abilities, judgment and presentation skills” in the context of pillar 3, and students who aspire to acquire “knowledge, an appreciation of culture and skills,” in the context of pillar 4.  Furthermore, each faculty and department will welcome students based on the following Admissions Policies tailored to the characteristics of the academic fields addressed in their education and research.

Each undergraduate department has also developed its own admission policy. Please refer to each department’s page for its own policies.

Sophia University

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