Network with community

Sophia University is involved in various projects in cooperation with local neighborhoods.

Cleanup activities called "volunteer clean-up" are conducted almost every month.
Chiyoda-ku Sakura Mini Seminar
Joint patrols in Bancho-Kojimachi district

Sophia Cleanup Project

Sophia University students and faculty members jointly conduct cleanup activities in front of Yotsuya Station, Sophia Street, and other areas around Yotsuya Campus. We aim to contribute to the community through volunteer activities to promote environmental beautification.

Cooperation with Chiyoda Ward

Chiyoda Ward evacuation drill

Sophia University has concluded an agreement with Chiyoda Ward for cooperation in the event of a major disaster.
The university provides its campus as a venue for the annual Chiyoda Ward evacuation drill for people who have difficulty returning home, held every January, and cooperates in conducting disaster prevention and evacuation drills.

Cherry blossom revitalization plan

As the cherry blossom, the flower of Chiyoda Ward, was aging, the ward established the “Ward Flower Sakura Revitalization Plan”. To address these local issues, Sophia University is working with the Chiyoda Ward Roads and Parks Division and student extracurricular activity groups to protect the cherry trees along Sanada moat adjacent to the Yotsuya campus.
Every year, a “Sanada moat cherry blossom count survey” by volunteers and a mini-seminar are held.

Residents’ use of the library

The Sophia University Central Library is available to those who meet the following conditions;

  • Residents in Chiyoda Ward aged 20 or older and who have registered as a member of the library.
  • Those with a valid Chiyoda Ward Library check-out ticket.
  • For research and study purposes (excluding students of other universities and those with commercial purposes).
Cooperation with council / company

Students and staff members participate in the Sanno Festival, an annual festival at Hie Shrine that has been held for many years, and work together with local residents to preserve history and traditions. In addition, as a university located in Chiyoda Ward, we are actively involved in the revitalization of the community through student participation in various events, cooperation in publicity, and cooperation with elementary school students in their exploration of the city.

Joint neighborhood patrol

Joint neighborhood patrols are conducted to promote environmental beautification and traffic safety in the Kojimachi area, including the Yotsuya and Ichigaya Station areas. Sophia staff members also participate in regular patrols with local residents.

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