Philosophy of Sophia University

Sophia University’s Educational Spirit

For Others, With Others

Since its founding in 1913, Sophia University has provided an education based on Christian humanism that transcends the boundaries of country, language, and academic discipline. What Christian Humanism means is the idea that using one’s talents and what one has learned for the benefit of others will lead to one’s growth as a human being.

The “others” in the educational spirit of Sophia University are the vulnerable people we must reach out to. All study and research at Sophia University is for them, and this is our commitment to the global society.

Nationality, language, ethnicity, ideology, culture, religion - our world today is filled with many differences. What is important in the world of the future is to accept differences, embrace diverse values, and be proud to be a member of the global society although it is not an easy task to build the future together with people from different backgrounds.

In an uncertain and rapidly changing world, Sophia University’s mission is to nurture people who can face the reality in which they live and work together with others toward a better world – people who can practice “For Others, With Others” for a sustainable future.

Sophia University’s Founding Philosophy

Sophia – Bringing the World Together

Sophia University was founded in 1913 by three Jesuit priests appointed by St.Pope Pius X. Its roots go back to St. Francis Xavier, who came to Japan in 1549 to preach Christianity. Impressed by the rational and intellectually curious Japanese people, he strongly desired to establish a university in the Japanese capital.

Sophia University has since grown through many changes in time, but our founding philosophy have remained consistent. The core of our university has always been Christian humanism, and its neighborliness and internationalism, walking together with people around the world, have never changed.

What is meant by neighborliness is to practice Sophia’s educational spirit “For Others, With Others”. In a world facing global issues such as poverty, ethics, climate change and gender equality, Sophia University value companionship of others and will do its utmost to nurture people who will commit themselves to serving a sustainable future.

The internationalism that we aim for is to value dialogue and interactive understanding, and to respect variety in religious, racial, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. As St. Xavier once aspired, Sophia provides opportunities for dialogue and learning in a variety of fields to resolve the issues that divide the modern world through the exchange of wisdom between East and West and encounters and dialogues with a variety of people.

Based on the neighborliness and internationalism, Sophia University will devote its educational and research activities to the realization of the philosophy embodied in the phrase ” Sophia – Bringing the World Together”.

Sophia University

For Others, With Others