Graduate School of Law

Analyze complex issues in society with legal approach and logical reconstruction

About the Graduate School of Law

Build a career in the field of law and political science

The Sophia University Graduate School of Law was established in 1966 (the doctoral program was established in 1968) and has produced many prominent researchers and specialists in law and politics. In 2004, a new major within the Graduate School, Juris Doctor Program (Law School), was established to train legal professionals.

Master’s (Doctoral) Program in Law

Our research goal is to analyze complex issues in society with legal approach and logical reconstruction. The Master’s Program, in particular, is ideal for individuals who seek legal careers in private companies, government offices, and international organizations.

Juris Doctor Program (Law School)

You will be joining the training program to become the legal professionals (judges, prosecutors, and lawyers) needed in the 21st century. We take pluralistic approach to tackle issues of growing importance in modern society, such as international legal issues and environmental legal issues.

Academic Diversity of the faculty members

Our Faculty Members who are also the leading researchers in their respective academic fields, offers intensive guidance and mentoring to graduate students. The Sophia University Graduate School of Law offers finest education provided by prominent academics in the fields of international law and environmental law, as well as in the fields of basic law such as philosophy of law and comparative law,

and substantive law such as constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law, and administrative law.

Educational Objectives

The program aims to foster scholars in law and politics and produce graduates well educated in these fields.
In modern society, researchers must not only be well versed in their own field, but also be equipped with practical abilities to logically reorganize various issues occurring in society and address highly technical ones. The program actively accept adult students to foster researchers as well as human resources with knowledge of law and politics.

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