New National Financial Support Program for Receiving Higher Education

Sophia University has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as an eligible school for the New Higher Education Support System that was started in the 2020 academic year. Under this program, Japanese and undergraduate students are qualified to receive tuition reduction and monthly stipend from the government. Please refer to the “Japan’s New Higher Education Support System (Reduction/Exemption of Tuition Fees and Scholarship Grants)” page (only available in Japanese) on Web Piloti for more detailed information if you are eligible.


Those who are in tax-exempt households or equivalent.

Amount of Payment

The following amounts are provided according to the category (Class I to III) based on the household income amount.

Class I (Home-schooled) 38,300 yen /  (Not home-schooled) 75,800 yen
Entrance Fee: 200,000 yen (for freshman only) Tuition Fee:  700,000 yen*
Class II (Home-schooled) 25,600 yen / (Not home-schooled) 50,600 yen
Two-thirds of Class I
Class III (Home-schooled) 12,800 yen / (Not home-schooled) 25,300 yen
One-third of Class I

*Up to the amount of the tuition fee, if it is less than 700,000 yen.

Application Period

Apply at your high school prior to enrollment by reservation or after enrollment (spring or fall application).

Application Process

The decision will be based on the screening of household finances (financial situation) by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) using My Number as well as the judgement of your academic performance at school.

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