Sophian-kun, the official character of Sophia University, was created based on the motif of an eagle fluttering toward the light of truth, which is the emblem of Sophia University. The letters in the center of the character stand for Lux Veritatis (Light of Truth). Sophia University has been known overseas as Sophia University since early times, and Sophian is the collective name for current students and alumni.

Sophian-kun was created in 2012 as a mascot character to support the annual Johnan-sen (interscholastic sports competition between Sophia University and Nanzan University) held in June. Since then, Sophian-kun has been recognized for his activities not only at the Johnan-sen but also at other events, and was appointed as the official character of Sophia University on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Sophia University’s foundation in 2013.

Today, Sophian-kun appears at various events and competitions, including school festivals, to cheer on current students and alumni.

Use of Sophian-kun

Application is required to use Sophian-kun. Please refer to the Web Piloti page Sophia University Visual Identity/Sophian-kun for how to use it.
*Please note that we do not grant permission for outside organizations unrelated to Sophia University to use Sophian-kun.

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