Studies in Christian Humanism

Understanding the Educational Philosophy of Sophia University

Based on Christian Humanism, which is at the root of Sophia University’s educational philosophy “For Others, With Others,” these courses are designed to foster relationships with others, imagination and perceptiveness toward others, and action for others.
Through these classes, students deep their understanding of human and acquire awareness and attitudes toward building a better world in relation with others.

Studies in Christian Humanism: For Others, With Others

The first-year compulsory course “Studies in Christian Humanism : For Others, With Others” is a university identify course that considers the educational philosophy of Sophia University from various perspectives. The course is designed to promote and cultivate an integral understanding of the human being rooted in Christian humanism.

Faculty Members

Mami YOSHIKAWA Professor

Kouhei MATSUMURA Assistant Professor

Sophia University

For Others, With Others