SOPHIA magazine is a publication of Sophia University highlighting stories about students, faculty, and alumni. The print edition is published twice a year by Office of Public Relations. The online version is also available.

SOPHIA magazine Vol.14 published in September, 2022

Interdisciplinary Flood Survey Team Confronts Natural Disasters
Takashi Okada, Vice-President for Academic Research Affairs
Guangwei Huang, Professor, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Yoshihiro Oto, Professor, Department of Journalism

Research: Germany’s Perspective on Russia’s Invasion
Takeshi Kawasaki, Professor, Department of German Studies

Research: Contributing to Society through New Materials
Yuko Takeoka, Professor, Department of Materials and Life Sciences

Ukraine Peace Symposium hosted by Sophia University and Keio University

Alumni Interview: Lifelong Dedication to Educating the Youth of East Timor
Fr. Yoshitaka Ura, S.J.

Student interview: Students Debut as Japan’s Representative at Worlds
Emi Hatanaka and Ayana Akita
Department of International Legal Studies

Africa Weeks: Learning and Practice
Eri Yamazaki, Lecturer, Center for Global Education and Discovery
Riko Tamura and Maiko Namiki, Faculty of Global Studies

Two Antiquarian Books Added to the Kirishitan Bunko Library
Celebrating 400 years since the canonization of St. Ignatius de Loyola
Fr. Shinzo Kawamura, S.J., Professor, Department of History

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Special Issue “POPE FRANCIS at SOPHIA”

Contents-On Pope Francis’ Challenges for Us All
Fr.Tsutomu Sakuma, S.J., Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation
Dr.Yoshiaki Terumichi, President of Sophia University

-Address of His Holiness at Sophia University

-Pope Francis: A Lifelong Spirit of Openness and Acceptance
Fr. Juan Haidar, S.J., Professor of Faculty of Theology

Special Issue “Global Leaders connected with Sophia”

– Sophia Students Video Chat with Pope Francis
– UN Secretaary-General António Guterres Lecture and Dialogues with Students

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