Graduate School of Economics

Contribute to corporate strategy and government policy based on cutting-edge academic knowledge and advanced analytical skills

About the Graduate School of Economics

Based on the theory and evidence of economics and business administration, we train high-level professionals and next-generation researchers who will be active in solving problems in business and government.

Fostering practical application skills through attentive instruction in small classes

The number of students per faculty advisor is kept small, and each student is assigned to a group of three faculty members to review and supervise their master’s thesis, thereby providing detailed research guidance according to the student’s interests.
The program fosters highly-skilled professionals with analytical and practical application skills based on economics and business administration, as well as researchers with deep insight.

All labs are located in central Tokyo where companies and government agencies are concentrated

Sophia University is located in the center of Marunouchi, Shinjuku, and Roppongi, where many companies are concentrated, and Kasumigaseki, where many government agencies are concentrated, and all laboratories are located at the Yotsuya Campus. The easy access to various parts of the city allows for active joint research between industry, academia, and government. Students can learn not only abstract theories and analytical methods, but also real-world strategies and policy applications in a well

Take a degree in as little as one year through our early graduation system

Outstanding students who wish to complete the program early can complete the Master’s course in one year and obtain a Master’s degree. Students can quickly apply the practical application skills acquired in graduate school in society.

Educational Objectives

The programs are designed to turn out professionals with practical applied skills and high-level scholars with deep insight who have sound knowledge of economics and management.

Graduates who have completed the master’s programs should be able to conduct research and consulting using their expertise and knowledge or work as an advanced professional in the frontline of the business world.

Graduates who have completed the doctoral programs are expected to engage in education and research at academic or research institutions.

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