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Together with Others Across Faculties and Grades

Fours Years to Grow with Unique Friends From all Over the World

Campus life at Sophia University begins with the entrance ceremony, marked by cherry blossoms in full bloom along Sanadabori. Located in the heart of the city, yet surrounded by nature in Yotsuya, the campus is filled with students from a wide variety of backgrounds, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. As a single campus, students can interact with international students as well as peers from different faculties. Additionally, there are facilities and equipment to support a variety of activities, including extracurricular activities and volunteer activities, as well as a support system to consult with students when they face problems in their student life or career development.

Building a Student Community on a Global Campus

Sophia University’s Yotsuya Campus is a microcosm of the international community, where students from diverse backgrounds with different fields of specialization, native languages, and cultures study together. The global campus, where daily cross-cultural communication occurs, is filled with opportunities for learning beyond the classroom through extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, and the global community.

Campus Calendar

The Sophia University campus is filled with the energy and brilliance of students. Many memories are etched in the minds and hearts of students, not only through daily student life but also through the many events held throughout the year.



  • Entrance Ceremony
  • New Student Placement Test
  • Guidance for new and current students
  • Orientation Day
  • Start of Spring Semester, course registration


  • All-Sophian Gathering


Pick Up Events

The entrance ceremony is the first day of school, next to the rows of cherry trees on Sophia Street, ringing in when one’s four years as a Sophia University student will begin.
Students deepen their friendship with their classmates, faculty members, and seniors at the orientation for each department after entering the school.
After orientation, Freshman Week awaits you, during which you will be encouraged to join clubs and other activities.


  • Sophia University-Nanzan University Intercollegiate Athletic Meet (Jounan Game)
  • Yukata Day
  • End of Spring Semester
  • Spring Semester Exam Period


  • Summer Holiday
  • Open Campus


  • Fall Semester Entrance Ceremony
  • Degree Conferral Ceremony
  • Start of Fall Semester, course registration
  • Orientation Day

Pick Up Events

Johnan Sports Fest is an annual athletic competition that deepens Sophia University’s exchange with Nanzan University, which, as a Catholic Univesristy, shares the same educational philosophy.
Yukata Day, organized by “nexnect,” is a day for international students to experience traditional Japanese culture, such as Tanabata, and for greater student and faculty interaction through various projects.


  • Fall Semester Courses Begin
  • Music Festival


  • Establishment Anniversary
  • Sentetsu Festival
  • Sophia Festival (eve and main festival)


  • Xavier’s Festival
  • Christmas Events
  • Winter Holidays

Pick Up Events

The Sophia Festival boasts nearly 40,000 visitors, many booths, and stage performances every year. Students preparing for entrance exams are also welcome to attend.
A Christmas Mass is held on Christmas Day. The campus, lit up with lights, is filled with a majestic atmosphere.


  • Fall Semester Courses End
  • Fall Semester Exam Period


  • Spring Holiday
  • General Admissions Examinations


  • Degree Conferment Ceremony

Pick Up Events

The degree conferment ceremony is the time for students to finally begin their journey. The cherry blossoms on Sophia Street will bless the students as they embark on their future.

Semester Classification and Class Schedule

Sophia University uses a combined semester/quarter system to improve student mobility. This system accommodates a variety of study abroad patterns and makes it easier for students to participate in overseas internships and other programs. Accordingly, 100-minute classes have been introduced.


Sophia University Student Support

College is a period of preparation to enter the workforce and a place where each student can broaden their prospects and potential. The University years are also a time of freedom and possibilities, meaning students may also face many problems and be forced to make critical choices. Sophia University provides a supportive environment in which students can find ways to cope with the many problems, large and small, that may develop.

Facilities available on and off campus

Sophia University offers a variety of facilities for students to deepen their learning and is committed to supporting you in a more convenient and enriched campus life.

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