Developing Competencies to Read and Utilize Data

Today’s society is sometimes described as a “data-driven society,” with data-driven decision making becoming increasingly important in business, the public sector, and many other areas. Just as with reading and writing, everyone, regardless of their academic background, is expected to be able to read, comprehend, and utilize data.

The Data Science Division offers courses and services that help students understand the sequence of steps involved in collecting, generating, and analyzing data. As they progress further, students may also learn various applications and how to make decisions based on data and all while collaborating with others.

Data Science Clinic

Students can take advantage of the Data Science Clinic, a service that supports student learning, by easily consulting with the clinic via email, online, or in person when questions or concerns arise in class, in their own learning, or when using data.

What the Data Science Clinic can help you with

  • I don’t understand something in my statistics textbook
  • I have a question about statistical software or programming assignment
  • I want to conduct a survey and need some advice
  • I would like to know which data-science related certification I should aim for

Faculty Members

Masamitsu KURATA Associate Professor

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Gen KAWATANI Project Assistant Professor

Sato SANAI Project Assistant Professor

Atsushi TAKAHASHI Project Assistant Professor

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