The Art of Thinking and Expression

Understanding and Acquiring Critical Thinking and Expressive Skills

The Thinking and Expression Division offers courses designed to develop critical thinking and expressive skills. Critical thinking does not mean rejecting ideas of others but refers to the attitude of questioning knowledge and common senses we unconsciously assume. In order to be aware of our own assumptions and have multiple perspectives, one must also have the ability to lean in and listen to others.

In addition, ideas generated from critical thinking cannot be put to use unless they are communicated to and understood by others. Developing abilities to operationalize language, such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing is also the goal of the courses in this category.

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab supports Sophia students to become autonomous writers. Students may consult with the Lab to receive advice and insights on effective writing skills and organizing ideas for various academic writing opportunities, such as reports and dissertations.

What the Writing Lab can help with:

  • Developing and structuring your argument,
  • Learning how to present and cite references, and
  • Other advices on writing, such as effective writing styles.

Faculty Members

Shion KONO Professor

Research Areas Comparative literature and modern Japanese literature
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Yutaka AIDA Project Assistant Professor

Kota UMEDA Project Assistant Professor

Tomofumi OMATA Project Assistant Professor

Shunji TAKAHASHI Project Assistant Professor

Hiroko HAMANO Project Assistant Professor

Haruka NAKANO Project Assistant Professor

Kyoko YUI Project Assistant Professor

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