Becoming Aware of our Bodies and Understanding Human Beings through Bodies

In today’s society, where information technologies, like the Internet and AI have made remarkable progress, and the virtual space is expanding, awareness of the human body is fading. In the Embodied Wisdom courses, we attempt to understand human beings by assessing the role of the body in a modern society where such physical presence is being questioned. Based on an awareness of one’s own body as “existence,” students learn how to practice self-expression through the body and communication with others and the world, to gain opportunities for independent thought and action.

Through discussions and experiential learning, participants will learn about Embodied Wisdom from aspects like wellness, body, and sports culture, to acquire “body knowledge” that will help them become better aware of themselves and solve various social problems.

Liberal Arts of the Body

The goal of the compulsory course “Liberal Arts of the Body” is to reconceptualized the body as a fundamental place for understanding human beings.

In this course, students are provided with opportunities to learn through lectures and various activities, looking to their own bodies, experiencing their bodies through which they live and are related to others in this world. Through the course of study, they are expected to see the problems facing society as their own problems and be able to express themselves and communicate with others, based on such awareness and direct experiences of the body.

Faculty Members

Minako YOSHIDA Professor

Takeshi SHIMA Professor

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Ryoko TAKEMURA Associate Professor

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Jiyun BAE Assistant Professor

Taro IMAWAKA Project Assistant Professor

Chiyoko USUI Project Assistant Professor

Ryuta KUDO Project Assistant Professor

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