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Join us at Sophia University for an enriched learning experience with a diverse group of friends

Sophia University is home to students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds. By learning together, understanding each other, and discussing the same issues together on the same campus, students can acquire true “Sophia,” or wisdom, that will enable them to act independently in a rapidly changing society.

Here we provide all those who wish to study at Sophia University with information on admissions, study options, tuition and scholarships, and more.

Admissions Information

Click here for information on undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions, and English-taught Programs (English-taught degree programs) admissions information, admissions requirements, and more.

Tuition and Scholarships

Specific Tuition fees and payment deadlines differ depending on the faculty, department, major, program, and year of enrollment. Sophia University offers scholarship programs to support students who find it difficult to study at the university for financial reasons due to changes in their family or social environment. A variety of systems can be utilized according to the circumstances and objectives of each student.

Sophia University Academic Offerings

Sophia University offers a variety of systems and programs, mainly for international students and working professionals in Japan, that allow you to take specific classes or conduct research without being enrolled in the typical manner.

Sophia Short-term Program Students

International students can participate in a short-term program of 2-3 weeks offered by Sophia University. Every year, a Summer Session and January Session are offered and students can earn credits by taking courses in Japanese language and Japanese/Asian Studies.


Exchange Student from Overseas University

Sophia University’s exchange students come to Japan from overseas partner universities that have an exchange agreement with the University. The procedures for studying abroad are handled through a student’s home university. Students can take Sophia University’s courses to earn credits for one year or six months.


Non-Degree Student

Students enrolled in the School of International Liberal Studies or the Center for Language Education and Research can take undergraduate courses and earn credits for one semester (six months) or two semesters (one year) full-time. There are two types of programs: one in which students can earn credits in English, and the other in which students can study Japanese intensively.


Research Student, Foreign Special Research Student, MEXT Scholarship Student

“Research Students” and “Foreign Special Research Students” are students enrolled in Sophia University’s Graduate School for the purpose of receiving research guidance in a specific field of study, not to earn a degree or credits. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students are students who are also enrolled in Sophia University’s Graduate School for the purpose of receiving research guidance in a specific field of study.


Non-matriculated Student

A non-matriculated student is one who takes only specific courses without the intention of earning a degree at Sophia University. These students can earn credits by participating in classes in the same manner as regular students and achieving a certain level of performance in submitted assignments and regular examinations.

  • Auditing and Extension Program  students are no longer being accepted after the 2020 academic year.
  • For more information on industry-academia collaboration courses for working professionals, please visit the Sophia Professional Studies website.

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