Initiatives to Promote Diversity

Diversity at Sophia University

Sophia University aims to “Take the lead in realizing a society where each person can fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities” with a broader perspective and engages in various activities to form an inclusive society, including support for minorities and work life balance. Specifically, we plan and conduct training sessions on provision of career support such as childcare and nursing care support, and on the promotion of minority and women’s empowerment.


The two goals of Sophia University are to create “a community where diversity is respected and everyone can flourish in his or her own way,” and to foster human resources who will contribute to the creation of such society. These two goals are shared by all members of Sophia University.

Sophia Diversity Week

Every year from November 25, the Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to December 10, World Human Rights Day (including December 3, Disability Day), Sophia Diversity Week is celebrated with a variety of events.

Students and faculty members work together to run this program in the purpose of creating a inclusive society that embraces diversity.

For more information, please visit the original website of the Diversity Promotion Office.

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