Mental and Physical Health Consultation

Health Counseling Service

In addition to regular health checkups, Sophia University offers various health consultations, first aid, and hospital referrals in the Wellness Center.

Although we do not provide treatments covered by insurance or prescribe medicines, we offer internal medicine consultation by a school physician, smoking cessation consultation, mental health consultation by a psychiatrist, and once-a-year consultation by a cardiologist. The content of consultations is kept strictly confidential for your peace of mind.

School Physician Consultation

Medical checkups by the school doctor and consultations on internal medicine, in general, are available. For those who need it, the doctor can guide you to specialized medical institutions and health consultations* with specialists. We also offer smoking cessation counseling; referrals to smoking cessation outpatient clinics and other services are available upon request.

Psychiatric Consultation

If you are experiencing mood swings, loss of motivation, difficulty going to class, or other mental health concerns, please use the “Mental Health Consultation” service. Psychiatrists are available for specialized consultations; referrals to specialized medical institutions are also available.

Health counseling by nurses

Feel free to talk to a nurse about any physical or emotional concerns you may have. If necessary, they can connect you to a doctor at the Wellness Center or refer you to an on-campus counselor. If you need to see a hospital, you can also receive a referral to a medical facility.

First Aid

First aid is available for injuries and sprains. If you are not feeling well and need to rest, you can also rest on available beds.

Using Automatic Measuring Devices

There are height and weight scales, body fat meters, automatic blood pressure meters, automatic vision meters, and grip strength meters at your disposal. You can also consult with the nurses regarding the measured values.

※A hospital referral letter will be issued only when deemed necessary as a result of a medical examination or for study purposes.

Wellness Center

Hoffman Hall, 2nd Floor

Sophia University Health Consultation Dial

The Sophia University Health Consultation Dial is available to help protect your mental and physical health. Health counseling, information on medical institutions, and mental health consultation are available to current students and their guarantors.

“I have a fever that won’t go away. What should I do?” “I want to know where I can see a doctor at night or on holidays,” “I am having trouble with my personal relationships and I am mentally disturbed.” You can consult with experienced doctors, public health nurses, nurses, and other staff members about a variety of concerns, such as simply: “What should I do?”

About the Services

24-hour telephone health counseling (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge)

  • Counseling on health, medical care, and mental health
  • Counseling on nursing care and childcare
  • Provision of information on medical institutions, etc.

※Please check the LOYOLA download center for the phone number.

Please see the Web Piloti “Wellness Center (Health Consultation)” page for details on how to apply for current students.

Counselling Services

Counselling services can help you find ways to lead a more fulfilling college life and work towards crafting your own solutions to problems you face by speaking with a licensed psychologist or clinical psychologist.
The counseling service serves more than 5,000 people each year, from first-year students to graduate students. Most of them come voluntarily, but some come with friends or are recommended by their teachers.

Example Consultations
  • Academics, extracurricular activities, future career and career path, personality, interpersonal relationships, mental and physical health, and general living
  • Individual or group, you can consult about yourself, friends and family

Please see the Web Piloti “Counseling Services” page for details on how current students can request appointments.

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