Network with Parents and Guarantors

Regional Parent Meeting

Sophia University holds Regional Parent Meetings in various locations throughout Japan each year. We provide parents and guarantors with the latest information about the university and explain the status of studies and employment of students.

*In view of the impact of the spread of the COVID-19, we have been holding the sessions in a combined face-to-face and online format for the last few years.

Sophia University Parents’ Association

Sophia University Parents’ Association was established in 1973 as an organization of parents of current students which support the university. The purpose of activities is to support the educational projects of the university and to promote friendship among parents.

You can also view the activities of Parents’ Association on Sophia University’s official YouTube channel, “Learning at Sophia Supported by Parents“.

Recent Projects Supported by Parents’ Association

Since its inception in 1973, the financial support provided by Parents’ Association to the university has totaled more than 7 billion yen. The funds come from membership fees and donations from parents and guarantors of students, and are used for various purposes for the benefit of the university and students. The main support projects are as follows.

  • Rental cost of “Telecube” box for web interview
  • Sophia University Parents’ Association Scholarship Fund
  • Sophia University Parents’ Association Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Exchange Students
  • Assistance with the cost of assigning a study abroad counselor
  • Assistance with the cost of establishing an English language learning advisor
  • Subsidies for annual membership fees for the privilege system for use of museums and art galleries, etc.
  • Assistance with family service expenses in the safety confirmation system
  • Subsidy for introduction of student telephone health counseling service
  • Extracurricular activity group grants
  • Cafeteria breakfast menu/lunch off-peak discount rate assistance
  • Subsidy for purchase of lunch at Mejiro Seibo Campus

For more detailed information, including enrollment procedures, please visit the Parents’ Association page of Web Piloti for more information.

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