Career support for students with Study Abroad experience / Global Careers

This program is intended for those who wish to utilize their language skills and what they have learned in their undergraduate or graduate studies to work in global companies, including international organizations and foreign-affiliated companies. Seminars and various guidance sessions are held to learn about job contents and working styles through talks by working professionals and graduates who are active in actual professional organizations and companies.

Support Program Yearly Schedule

Guidance for Students wishing to Study abroad 1
Guidance for Study abroad Returnees
Study Abroad Pre-Departure Guidance 1
UN week (Spring)
English Career Fair (joint corporate information session)
Guidance for Students wishing to Study abroad 2
UN week (Autumn)
Seminar for writing English resume
Study Abroad Pre-Departure Guidance 2
(Company Research) Seminar to learn about “localization business” utilizing language skills
(Company Research) Let’s take a peek into the world of video translation! -Experiencing subtitling and translation!

Internships at international organizations are also a great way to get a feel for the actual work place and organizational culture. Work experience is often a key factor in the recruitment process for international organizations, and many students begin working for the United Nations after having worked for NGOs or private companies. Sophia University also supports internships at international organizations and participation in UN volunteer programs.

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