Sophia University Research Initiatives

Research Base

The Sophia Research Organization has two research divisions, the Research Institutes Division and the Project Research Division, along with 11 affiliated research organizations, etc., that do not belong to the Research Organization. There are 12 research institutes within the Research Institutes Division and 3 research centers within the Project Research Division. Each of these organizations are engaged in distinctive research activities. The results of the organized research activities contribute to the overall improvement of education/research levels at Sophia University while also contributing to society as a whole.

Research Information

Initiatives Regarding Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration and Intellectual Property

Through commissioned research and collaborative research, etc., Sophia University works on industry-government-academia collaboration by connecting knowledge, technology, and expertise developed at Sophia to private companies or government agencies for commercialization or practical use, while also conducting the creation, protection, and utilization of intellectual property developed in the process of research.

Global Network of Research Activities

Sophia University promotes collaborative research and academic research exchanges through its connections with overseas universities and thereby encourages the globalization of research activities by its researchers and graduate school students. In addition, we engage in the development of next-generation researchers and reinforce the international research activity network for individuals and organizations to promote research work with international competitiveness.

SACRU Project

Sophia University participates in SACRU, the Strategic Alliance of Catholic Research Universities.

SACRU includes eight universities around the world: Sophia University, Australian Catholic University, Boston College, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Catholic University of Portugal, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, and University Ramon Llull.

MIRAI 2.0 Project

MIRAI 2.0 is a network of inter-university research activities between 11 Swedish universities and 8 Japanese universities.

MIRAI 2.0 promotes higher research quality and globalization through research & innovation, workshops, academic exchange activities for doctoral students and young researchers, and collaborative research activities, etc.

Outreach Activities for Research

Sophia University widely publishes the results of research conducted at Sophia University through events such as “Sophia Open Research Weeks” held every November, or “Sophia Symposium” held on interdisciplinary and international themes selected through an open call within the University.

Sophia Open Research Weeks

Sophia Open Research Weeks is an annual two-week event held every November to present achievements in the research at Sophia University through lectures and symposiums.

The event consists of various initiatives such as research presentations by research units (research divisions and centers) in the Sophia Research Organization, as well as faculties, graduate school, and research groups selected for Sophia University Special Grant for Academic Research.

Sophia Symposium

Sophia Symposium is an international symposium project with the objective to promote interdisciplinary and international educational/research activities.

It is organized either by Sophia University or its Research and Educational Organization, and is open to the public. In principle, the speakers will be from two or more countries including Japan.

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