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The Faculty of Liberal Arts Stands at the Forefront of a Global Age

Learning at Sophia Faculty of Liberal Arts|A Frontrunner in International and Liberal Arts Education in a Global Age

A Liberal Arts Education that Cultivates Globally Competent Individuals


The FLA is a pioneering program in international education in Japan. Students come from various backgrounds and are multicultural; some have been abroad for years and others have lived in Japan all their life. The faculty is also international and very diverse, more than 50 % of its members are from overseas, bringing with them a great deal of diverse cultural experiences.

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The FLA provides a holistic education to nurture students who are globally minded and international. Students are trained to become all-rounded individuals who are capable of critical thinking and verbalizing their thoughts and opinions. The application of those skills are not limited to just a certain field, and students are not narrowly trained just for one job. They are broadly cultivated to contribute to society and live a meaningful life.


What makes the FLA unique is that the diversity is baked into its very concept. FLA education teaches students to respect others who are different, and to understand that it is okay to be unique.

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The FLA is an ideal place for students to immerse themselves in Tokyo life since all the exciting spots are accessible from the campus just in a few strolls. While FLA offers a location in the heart of Tokyo, with its relatively small student body, there is also a sense of community and companionship.


The FLA offers a genuinely cosmopolitan environment with real internal diversity and a sense of openmindedness. Students are not governed by uniformity and conformity. Students are encouraged to express their opinions and all members are very intellectually curious.

About the Faculty of Liberal Arts

Study the Basics in Year One, Select a Major in Year Two

The first year of study in the Faculty of Liberal Arts is devoted to basic education. In the second half of their sophomore year, students declare a major in their area of interest, selecting from the fields of Comparative Culture, International Business and Economics, and Social Studies. Courses in these content areas are grounded in the foundation built by the core subjects of English composition, critical thinking, and public speaking.

Educational Objectives and Policies

The Faculty of Liberal Arts [FLA] provides an all-English liberal arts education in the fields of Comparative Culture, International Business and Economics, and Social Studies. While offering courses in such fields as well as cross-disciplinary courses, so as to allow a more organic, comprehensive understanding in the field, the FLA also aims to help students to achieve advanced language proficiency and intellectual criticality and flexibility in order to act as mediators between different cultures and countries. Through academic training and research, the FLA contributes to the understanding of current affairs in today’s globalized world and also to the solving of the various social issues we face.

The purpose of the FLA education is to nurture students’ cosmopolitan outlook, their language ability, and flexibility in thinking in order to act as bridges between different cultures within the context of globalization.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts sets standards for the skills and knowledge students should acquire before graduation as described below. Those who have fulfilled the requirements will be awarded a diploma.


  1. A well-rounded interdisciplinary education and a highly-developed ability to think and communicate in English.
  2. The intellectual capacity to approach particular issues from both highly specialized and broad general perspectives.
  3. The capability to integrate themselves in multi-cultural environments and participate in communal activities to contribute to the better understanding of various important socio-cultural issues.

In accordance with the Diploma Policy, the Faculty of Liberal Arts constructs its curriculum with courses aligned with the following purposes.


  1. To develop the ability to think critically about a wide range of social and cultural issues, and to become proficient in discussing such matters in English. The Core Program is specifically designed to train students in these foundational skills.
  2. To extend their capacity to understand the multiplicity of societies and cultures in the world by taking a range of courses in the three distribution categories: Society and Culture, Cultural Traditions, Politics and Economy.
  3. To acquire specialized knowledge in one of the three majors (Comparative Culture, International Business and Economics, Social Studies) while continuing to take courses from neighboring areas.By studying courses in various disciplines, students will obtain a broad and flexible perspective on important issues in today’s world.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia University welcomes students who are:


  1. Motivated to become active and responsible members of the global community and to participate in the creation of social, economic, and humanistic values essential for its sustenance and betterment.
  2. Intellectually curious and eager to improve their communication and analytical skills to constructively interact with others from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds.
  3. Prepared to expand further their knowledge so that they become able to identify and approach with competence global issues.

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