Nationality, language, ethnicity, ideology, culture, religion – our world holds many differences. What will be required in the future is the ability to accept these differences, embrace diverse values, and be able to connect the world. It is not easy to create a future together with many different backgrounds. Yet, in an uncertain and rapidly changing world, Sophia University’s mission is to nurture people who can work together with others for a better world; people who can create a sustainable.

Foundations for Continuing Learning

Carving out one’s own path in life demands not only the knowledge you accumulate, but also the wisdom you demonstrate. This is something that each of us as individuals will learn and acquire throughout our lives according to our own circumstances, plans, and aspirations at various points in our lives. I believe that study at university should be an opportunity to build the very foundations for that wisdom. I hope that you will design your own personal learning here at Sophia University, the place of learning described in this website.

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