Green Science/Engineering (English Courses in Science and Technology)

World-standard science and engineering education programs in English

Green Science Course and Green Engineering Course are English courses that opened in September 2012. These courses are designed to take on the global issue of global environmental problems. All classes, examinations, reports, research guidance, and thesis writing are conducted in English.

It is an excellent English-based science and engineering education program of international standard, open to Japanese students as well as international students. This course is also available to students in the three departments of the Faculty of Science and Technology, provided that they have a certain level of English proficiency. Students with a wide range of educational experiences come together to study at Sophia University, which offers a unique opportunity to learn in an international and diverse environment while still being in Japan.

Green Science Program

Offered by Department of Materials and Life Sciences, is designed to acquire fundamental knowledge of substances, and to overcome environmental issues at the atomic and molecular levels based on green material sciences.

Green Engineering Program

Offered by Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is designed to learn electrical and mechanical engineering skills to help develop energy conservation technology, efficient power generation and distribution and power transmission.

In both courses, small class sizes allow students to receive close and attentive instruction in close proximity to faculty members. Students can study the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, and then move on to applied levels of study such as environmental chemistry, environmental biotechnology, clean energy, and environmental systems analysis.

At the Yotsuya Campus, where all faculties are concentrated, students are able to participate in classes outside of the sciences, allowing them to experience diverse values and study science and technology that will contribute to solving environmental problems from a broad perspective.

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