Re: MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week (June 7-11, 2021)

Re: MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week (June 7-11, 2021)
- A matchmaking event for International Research Collaborations-

MIRAI 2.0 is a research exchange and promotion project jointly implemented by the 19 leading universities (11 Swedish and 8 Japanese universities).
The annual event “MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week” will be held online from June 7th to 11th, 2021 (Japan Standard Time: 16:00〜).
Participation (online) Registration Deadline: Sunday, June 6, 2021
〇Event Information: MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week information and registration: (

If you are interested in international collaborative research, please complete the registration process.

●Leading researchers will share their research and explore collaboration opportunities through the keynote speeches, research presentations, and poster presentations (designated for early career researchers including Ph.D. Candidates) in the five academic disciplines.
• Ageing
• Materials Science
• Sustainability
• Artificial Intelligence
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship

●The following two faculty members are the members of the Thematic Expert Group (TEG), and they promote and support collaborative research through various activities.
・Professor Hideki Kuwahara, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences(Materials Science)
・Professor Guangwei Huang, Master’s (Doctoral)Program in Global Environmental Studies(Sustainability)

●The following faculty members and researchers will present their research at the MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week.
Invited Speakers:
・Associate Professor Sebastian Danielache, Department of Materials and Life Sciences(Sustainability)
・Professor Tetsuya Horie, Department of Economics(Sustainability)
・Elisabeth Seiler(Materials Science)
・Yota Suzuki(Materials Science)
・Nao Tanaka(Materials Science)
・Weilu Zhang(Materials Science)

Poster Presenters:
・Di Dongrui(Artificial Intelligence)
・Huan Liu(Sustainability)
・Abdulahi Oumer(Sustainability)
・Tingting Song(Sustainability)
・Lihui Zhou(Sustainability)

Sophia University MIRAI Secretariat (Center for Research Promotion & Support)
TEL: 3173

Sophia University

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