Recipients of Sophia University President’s Award for Excellence 2022 Announced

Yoshiaki Terumichi

President of Sophia University

The President’s Award for Excellence program recognizes individual students or student groups that have excelled and served as a shining example to others in the realms of sports, culture/art, environment, contribution to community/society, international exchange, and diversity/inclusion in society. We are pleased to present the 2022 Award to three students, as indicated below:

The Award will be presented at the graduation ceremony in March 2023 to recipients who are graduating this school year, and at the entrance ceremony in April 2023 to those who are not.

Taisei Onda
Fourth-year student, Department of Russian Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies

For establishing the volunteer group “BRIMOS” to support refugees from Ukraine and carry out volunteer activities for refugees in Poland

Reika Mihara
Fourth-year student, Department of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts

For conducting several off-campus activities aimed at contributing to the global community, and promoting on-campus collaboration between students and student affairs staff and peer support activities for students from overseas

Hina Nakao
Fourth-year student, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Human Sciences

For planning and implementing the Tomodachi (friend) Santa Claus project to provide a place for non-Japanese children living in Japan to belong

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