The Turkey/Syria Earthquake – A Request for Humanitarian Support

The massive earthquake that arose in Turkey on February 6, 2022 has given rise to vast numbers of victims, both in the nations of Turkey and Syria.

On behalf of Sophia University, I hereby convey my profoundest condolences to the loved ones of all the deceased, and my heartfelt sympathies go out to the people of both nations as well, who are currently encountering incalculable difficulties.

We of Sophia University desire to stand by them in this time of helplessness and tribulation. Our university intends taking all necessary steps to see what needs to be done, with our faculty, staff, students, and alumni, striving together in an ambience of harmony and concord.

Yoshiaki Terumichi
President, Sophia University

Turkey/Syria Earthquake – Information Concerning Humanitarian Relief

Both His Holiness Pope Francis and Fr. Arturo Sosa S.J. the Superior General of the Jesuits expressed profound sorrow for the victims of the February 6 earthquake that arose near the Syrian border in southeastern Turkey, and conveyed their deepest sympathy and condolences to all the families and communities that were affected.

Three weeks after the outbreak, the number of those who lost their lives was seen to exceed 51,000. Over 26 million have been affected by the disaster in Turkey and Syria, and further damage is expected.

In such a situation, the JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service), which happens to be an international Catholic NGO of the Jesuits, entered the affected areas at an early stage and provided humanitarian support to the victims.

Accordingly, in alliance with the headquarters of the Japan Province of the Society of Jesus, the Sophia University Jesuit Catholic Center has decided to conduct a “Turkey/Syria Earthquake Humanitarian Aid Fundraising Program,” to provide aid to the earthquake victims. Donations received will be utilized for humanitarian aid activities, conducted by the JRS in Turkey and Syria.

We request your kind cooperation.

Donation Method 1:​

Please transfer your donation to the following account in Japan.​

【Bank account transfer fundraising method】

  • Bank Branch Name: Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Yotsuya Branch​
  • Branch Code No.: 036
  • Account type: Savings account​
  • Account No.: 3079660​
  • Account Name: 宗教法人カトリックイエズス会  災害救済募金

* There is no specific deadline for bank transfers.​

Donation Method 2:

Please visit the official JRS website (donation box is located at the bottom of the website) and make a donation by credit card or other means.​

Donation Method 3:

A donation box is located at the Catholic Jesuit Center (Building 2, 1st floor)​

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