Becoming the best version of myself

Megu Takeshita
3rd year student
Department of Management
Faculty of Economics

Megu Takeshita, a third-year student in the Department of Management, says, “I don’t just want to dream about who I may be in the future – I want to actively work hard at becoming the person I know that I can be.” Through her studies and volunteer activities, the path to becoming the best version of herself has been made clear as she works toward achieving her goals.

In both classes and seminars, be a part of the discussion

I was drawn to the Department of Management as it would allow me to study a wide range of topics relating to different management fields. In particular, I was interested in studying marketing and organization theory. In these classes, we focus on the ideology behind organizations and how they’re able to be successful. Regardless of the class, we always have meaningful discussions that help to expand our horizons.

With all the faculties located on the same campus, it’s easy for me to take elective classes in other departments that align with my interests. I take full advantage of this opportunity and have taken classes in the theology department in both my freshman and sophomore years. Prior to attending Sophia, I had been a student at mission schools my whole life, so it was important for me to be able to continue taking classes that would allow me to deepen my understanding of religion.

Now in my junior year, I’m able to take more specialized courses that allow me to build on the foundational knowledge I gained in my first two years as a student at Sophia. Many of my peers and upperclassmen are highly motivated, which inspires me to work hard at my own studies. They provide me with fresh and unique insights, which makes for a very thought-provoking environment.

At Sophia, students are encouraged to share their true thoughts and opinions in class. Because of this, my classmates and I are comfortable with expressing our own views. And since there are many students and professors from across the globe, there’s a wide array of cultural backgrounds that can provide additional viewpoints during discussions. It’s thanks to the openness and diversity of the classrooms at Sophia that I have been able to become more open-minded and empathetic toward others.

Contributing to people and society under unprecedented circumstances

As an upperclassman in my department, I have the opportunity to mentor and help new students with their coursework and familiarize them with university life. One of my mentor activities is to plan and manage an orientation camp for new students.

Normally, this would have been held as an overnight camp, but with the COVID-19 situation, it was held online to ensure the safety of students and staff. Since this was the first time the event had been held online instead of in person, we ran a series of simulations to determine the best solution. Thanks to our efforts, the event was a success, and seeing our hard work pay off gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

Since high school, I have been involved with volunteer activities related to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sophia actively supports the UN’s SDGs and promotes sustainability as a university on the whole, which came into play when making my decision for which school to attend. It was important for me to attend a school whose principles aligned with my own.

Additionally, there are many volunteer opportunities available to students. I have been able to volunteer for single parents and help organize a food drive for those in need. Volunteering of any kind is not as easy as it sounds, but I take the initiative to do what I can and try my best to contribute to society however possible. I am thankful that Sophia provides the kind of environment that allows me to be involved in these kinds of volunteer activities.

Imparting positive change on the world as a global citizen

I don’t just want to dream about who I may be in the future – I want to actively work hard at becoming the person I know that I can be. A person who can be described as a global citizen.

Generally speaking, a global citizen is a person whose concerns and beliefs are not confined to their own nation. While being able to speak in multiple languages is helpful for communication, a global citizen is someone who possesses more than just language skills – they’re also someone who can look at complex social issues, understand and connect with people across different cultures, and treat people with compassion and empathy.

After graduation, I would like to play an active role as a global citizen in society. With the education I gain at Sophia, through both traditional classes and volunteer opportunities, I believe that I will be able to become the person that I know I can be, and make a positive impact on the world.

※Please note that the content of this article is current as of May 2021

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