We hope our students make the most of their four years at Sophia to pursue both their academic and athletic goals.

Professor Shigeru Nishizawa, Professor, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics/Vice President for Admissions Affairs
Marika Nakamura, 4th year, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics (Job Offered at Accenture)

Ms. Nakamura, a member of the golf team, has been offered a job at a foreign-capital consulting firm. She has been very much engaged in both academics and sports, winning numerous golf tournaments while challenging for a professional test. With Professor Nishizawa, who is an advisor to the university golf team, she discussed about maintaining a good balance between her academics and sports activities.

Make the most of Sophia’s education and be a global minded person. (Nishizawa)

Professor Shigeru Nishizawa, Professor, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics/Vice President for Admissions Affairs

Nishizawa: Ms. Nakamura, I understand that you have been offered a position at a foreign-affiliated company. Sophia University has an extensive curriculum to nurture globally minded individuals, but were there any classes that had a particular impact on you over the past four years?

Nakamura: “Current Conditions and Issues in Global Business,” a course in collaboration with Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations), gave me the opportunity to interact with people from various companies, which was a big plus for me.

Nishizawa: Sophia University is located in an area where the headquarters functions of leading companies are gathered, so strong ties with those firms can be promoted.

Nakamura: I have never studied abroad, and I cannot say that I am good at English, so I don’t really consider myself a globally oriented person. However, I have been told by the company to which I have been offered a position that “English skills will expand the scope of your activities,” so I intend to start studying English with an attitude that it is not too late.

Nishizawa: Good to hear that you are willing to continue learning. Once you graduate, you will have less opportunities for studying and that is sort of unfortunate. The university would like students to come back whenever they feel the need to learn. It would be great if students take advantage of their alma mater in that way.

Nakamura: I would very much like to do so.

Nishizawa: You have also done remarkably well at the golf team, haven’t you? I believe that playing sports is as important as your studies. Physical fitness is absolutely essential in order to actively engage in whatever we do. Through competition, you can enhance your concentration level as well.

Nakamura: Yes, golf is sometimes called the sport of making errors. How much errors can be reduced, and how can those mistakes be transformed into positive outcomes? I have countless experiences of mindfully getting out of such a tight spot.

Nishizawa: I think that kind of experience can be very valuable once you join the workforce. How far to push or how to make a recovery being in a tight spot. I suppose you may already have acquired those skills.

If you know how to manage yourself, your potential increases. (Nakamura)

Marika Nakamura, 4th year, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics (Job Offered at Accenture)

Nishizawa: How did you balance your academics with golf?

Nakamura: Efficiency was the key, so I put much effort planning my days. I made a “to-do” list and crossed off tasks when they were completed and when I had free time, I would fit in my practice or study.

Nishizawa: Did you start such routine after you joined the university?

Nakamura: My parents told me what to do up until I was in high school, but after I joined the university, I started to take my own initiative. Besides, our environment was excellent. The campus and practicing range are next to each other, so we can practice between classes and during lunch breaks without traveling much distance. We call this “free period practice.”

Nishizawa It is true that students affiliated with sports teams are especially productive with their time. At the same time our “Global One Campus,” where all faculties and grounds are located in one place, has always been one of our advantages.

Nakamura: Students can join classes from different departments if interested, since all classes are offered at the same campus. This is really a great environment for students to take on a wide variety of challenges!

Be creative and make the most of an ideal environment. (Nakamura)

Nishizawa: There are many students in athletic teams who started as beginners and have made great achievement. I guess it is due to our ideal setting.

Nakamura: In fact, about 90% of our golf team members are beginners at first. I coached the junior members in addition to my own practice, and everyone progressed remarkably!

Nishizawa: They grow incredibly fast. Of course, it’s due to good advice from seniors, but I think it also got something to do with our setting and mood on campus. I would like to let new students and prospective Sophia students know about this.

Nakamura: The “free period practice” that I mentioned earlier is also arranged so that everyone can practice together. We tried our best to improve the quality of our practice by supporting each other.

Nishizawa: That is unique to Sophia’s athletic teams, isn’t it? Even students who were not involved in sports before joining the university can try out any sports team. Depending on your own efforts, your four years can be very fruitful.

Nakamura: It was certainly made easy to balance golf and academics with such an ideal environment! Although my first priority is work going forward, I would like to continue  playing golf. In the future, my goal is to become top-ranking amateur golfer.

Nishizawa: I think that if we can further develop amateur sports, Japan can become a more prominent athletic nation. I hold great expectations for you, Ms. Nakamura.

Nakamura: That’s right. I may not have much opportunity to be involved in the sports industry so direct at my work, but on the other hand, I will be given opportunities to interact with industries that I am not yet familiar with. I hope to acquire diverse knowledge and expand my horizons, and one day be able to contribute to the sports industry, which I have very much devoted my life up to this point.

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