Dr. Daisaku Higashi spoke at the seminar at UNHQ on “Traditional Conflict Resolution Mechanism and Roles of UN”

“Traditional Conflict Resolution Mechanism and Roles of UN missions” hosted by UN Division of Evaluation, Policy, and Training (DPET) in Department of Peace Operations at UN Headquarters in New York on 10 March 2020

Professor Daisaku Higashi (international relation scholars specializing in peacebuilding from Sophia University in Tokyo), Professor Eisei Kurimoto (social anthropologist and specialist on South Sudan from Osaka University), and three UN officials from Department of Peace Operation (DPO), Department of Peacebuilding and Political Affairs (DPPA), and Peace Building Support Office (PBSO), had a panel discussion on “Traditional Conflict Resolution Mechanism (TCRM) and Roles of UN Missions” on 10 March 2020. The event was hosted and moderated by Division of Evaluation, Policy, and Training (DEPT) in UN DPO at UN Headquarters in New York.

After the initial presentations by three prominent UN officials, Professor Kurimoto shared his 40 years’ experiences of his field research on South Sudan, and presented his argument about the need of understanding traditional conflict resolution mechanism (TCRM) to have better approaches for peacebuilding efforts in South Sudan. He shared his views by
his handout(155.06 KB) and slides(321.15 KB).

Professor Higashi shared his experience in Afghanistan as a team leader for reconciliation and reintegration in UNAMA (UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan), as well as his field research as a professor in South Sudan to argue why understanding TCRM is critical for peacebuilding. He then shared his recommendations about how UN field mission could utilize the knowledge of the experts on TCRM by his memo(50.97 KB) and slides(789.33 KB).

After the presentations by five panelists, a moderator and panelists exchanged their views and arguments on this critical issue. They concluded the discussion by confirming the importance of strengthening TCRM in the context of post-conflict peacebuilding efforts.

The seminar was prepared by Dr. Daisaku Higashi at Sophia University, together with Department of Policy, Evaluation, and Training at UNHQ.

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