Campus Entry and Facility Use from July 6th Onward

Sophia University, as previously announced following the lifting of the state of emergency on May 26th, has continued to limit entry to all campuses.

After carefully examining the situation, the university has decided to partly ease restrictions for campus entry
from Monday July 6th onward as follows. However, in order to prevent an outbreak inside the campus we are continuing to limit entry to the campus. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

  1. Avoiding the “3Cs” (closed room, close gatherings, close contact), and using general precautions to prevent the possibility of a second wave of outbreak, we will be partly easing restrictions on using the library, computer room and on-campus facilities for research activities, as well as allowing off-campus extracurricular activities.
  2. Period of effect is from Monday, July 6th onward.
    We will continue to closely monitor the situation and response of the local and national government and may at any time alter these restrictions as deemed necessary.

Furthermore, due to the current circumstances some procedure changes may occur. We will publish any changes on the university website, Loyola, and the Bulletin Board for Staff and Faculty Members (Sophia Bulletin Board).

Procedures Regarding Prohibition of Campus Entry

(1) Current Students

Entry into campus will be permitted only to those students who have received official permission. If you wish to enter the campus for a specific reason, contact your supervising professor or the department/office you wish to visit and receive permission.
If you are permitted to enter the campus, please follow “Precautions when entering campus after receiving permission” below.

  1. Graduate School Students: Only students that have received permission from their department will be allowed to conduct research activities on campus.
  2. Undergraduate Students: Only 4th year students expected to graduate that have received permission from their department will be allowed to enter the campus.
    Permission includes but is not limited to using specialized software, conducting experiments, receiving instruction for pre-training, and on-campus activities deemed as essential.
  3. In addition to 1. and 2. above, rules for using the computer rooms and entering the library are as follows.
    < Computer Room >
    If you wish to use required software for research activities, you are permitted to use the computer rooms. Please discuss with your advising professor and receive permission from your department before using the computer rooms. (See also the ICT Office website.)
    ∗Printing documents from specialized software is allowed, however printing other documents for personal use or general use is not allowed. Please use your own printer or use the convenience store print service.
    < Library >
    Entry to the library will be available by advance-reservation. For details please see the Library website.
  4. To use other on-campus face-to-face consultation, such as regarding teaching practice, career services, etc., you must contact and receive permission from the department/office in charge.
    ∗ Any special exceptions will be notified to you via Loyola.
(2) Staff and Faculty Members

Staff and Faculty members are recommended to work/conduct research from home or alter commute times. (Check details on the Sophia bulletin board) If you must enter campus, you do not need special permission, however, please make sure that you follow “Precautions when entering campus after receiving permission” below. You will be asked to show your Staff/Faculty ID card to the Main Gate Guard when you enter the campus.

(3) General Public (Includes High School Students and Prospective Students)

In general, entry into the campus will be permitted only to those who have received permission.

High school students and prospective students may make appointments through the page below.

(4) External Researchers

If you must enter the campus to conduct essential activities, please discuss with the principal investigator or the department involved.

Research Activities

We are easing restrictions on on-campus research activities with the following key points as a basic policy. Students that feel the necessity to enter the campus must contact their supervising professor and follow the rules provided when entering the campus.

  1. Continue to do at home, what can be done at home, and minimize the time spent on campus
  2. Observe the university rules to prevent the spread of infection, and follow “Precautions when entering campus after receiving permission” below. In addition, take turns coming to campus employing hourly or daily shifts, and minimize the number of people in the same room at once, to take precautions against a cluster infection.
  3. Supervising professors must not force students that are worried about the risk of infection to participate in activities and must allow students that do not participate to be treated fairly. In addition, do not make plans that require students to be on campus in order to accommodate students that currently may be abroad or in a different region of Japan.

University Events and Extracurricular Activities

(1) All Sophia University (including related associations) planned events

Face-to Face Lectures, Seminars, etc., even with few participants will be cancelled for the time being. (Online format events are permitted)

(2) Student Extracurricular Activities
  1. We will allow extracurricular activities off-campus from Wednesday, July 1, on the condition that measures to prevent the spread of infection are taken and that the activities meet specific criteria (Group activities including eating together or lodging together are not permitted.) If you wish to plan off-campus activities, you must apply in advance through the Office of Student Affairs and follow all required instructions.
  2. On-campus extracurricular activities will be continued to be cancelled for the time being. We will make an announcement after monitoring changes in the outbreak situation whether we will re-open activities.

Yotsuya Campus gates

  1. All entry or exit must be done through the Main Gate.
  2. The East Gate will be closed and will only open for vehicles.
  3. All other gates will be closed (Building 13 entrance will be open)
  4. Individuals that are feeling ill will be denied entrance to the campus

Precautions when entering campus after receiving permission

Please check the link below. (If you do not follow these precautions you will be denied entry to the campus.)

We cannot predict whether a second wave of the outbreak will occur. Even if you are granted permission to enter the campus, please make sure that you follow all rules and take every opportunity to prevent the spread of infection. (There may be additional precautions to follow when you are granted permission.)

Contact Information

Staff and faculty members are asked to telecommute/work from home, we ask that you make any inquiries by e-mail, not by telephone.

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