The 4th Japanese Speech Contest for International Students at Sophia University

First and second place winners

The award ceremony for the 4th Japanese Speech Contest for International Students at Sophia University, hosted by the Center for Language Education and Research, was held on March 5, 2022. The event offers an opportunity for international students studying Japanese language at Sophia University to share their achievements grouped in two categories: Elementary and Intermediate, and Upper-intermediate and Advanced.

In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the winners of this year’s competition were determined by a final screening of videos. Four judges, including Professor Tamotsu Fujita, Director of the Center for Language Education and Research, and Sophia University Professor Emeritus Kensaku Yoshida (the Honorary President of the Eiken Foundation of Japan) examined the content, composition, clarity of language and speaking style.

On the day of the event, five students from each category who passed the preliminary screening took the stage. The 10 students came from 5 different countries and gave a variety of speeches on topics ranging from their interest in Japan and studying abroad to the state of society and their dreams for the future. About 30 viewers, including Japanese language instructors, closely examined the speeches of participating students.

Contestants and judges

The winner of the Upper-intermediate and advanced category was Ms. Qin, Feifei from China (Department of Social Services). The title of her speech was ” Good, Evil and People. She talked about her own experiences of moral virtues and misdeeds, and how it is vital not to be concerned with classifying people for good or evil, but how each person is at the present moment is of importance.

Other winners were as follows: Second place in the Upper-intermediate and advanced category: Ms. Kim, Ji Yun (Korea, FLA). First place in the Elementary and Intermediate category: Ms. Dai, Shumin (China, FLA). Mr. Rayththa, Deep Bharatbhai (India, Global Studies), second place in the same category. The winner was awarded 100,000 yen and the second-place winner 50,000 yen as a study incentive.

Judge Kensaku Yoshida, professor emeritus at Sophia University, commented that, ” Particularly online, often the audience may not be visible, but in order to get your message across, you must be mindful of how you speak to the audience while imagining the other party”.

After the speeches by the winners, the award ceremony closed with a commemorative photo shoot of the smiling contestants.

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