Sophia University’s Social Media Accounts

Below is the list of official accounts operated by Sophia University organizations and departments. It shall be noted that not all of the information posted on our official social media accounts necessarily represent the official announcements and views of Sophia University.

Official announcements will be posted on Sophia University’s official website, and for current students and faculty members, they will be on Loyola and the campus portal for faculty and staff.

Sophia University

Organizations and Departments

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Admissions Office
Career Center
Center for Global Education and Discovery (CGED)
Center for Language Education and Research (CLER)
Human Resources Center for International Cooperation
Sophia Volante
Catholic-Jesuit Center
Sophia Student Integration Commons
Sophia Facts
Professional Studies
Sophia Archives

Department, Graduate School, Research Institute, etc.

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Department of English Studies
Department of French Studies
Department of Russian Studies
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Science and Technology (English)
Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences
European Institute
Asia Center for Research and Human Development
Institute of Global Concern


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Alumni Association Office
Kinokuniya Sophia Square
Sophia Campus Support
Sophia Future Center Project
Go Beyond

(*) As for LINE, as “Sophia University Official LINE”, it delivers various information mainly for high school students and Sophia University students in the following 8 categories.

Please register your choice of content from the following courses.

List of Categories
■Career and Job Hunting
■Global Education (Exchange programs, international events, etc.)
■Volunteer Activities, inside and outside campus
■Topics related to the United Nations and the field of international cooperation, etc.
■About Sophia’s Olympic and Paralympic Projects
■Sophia Topics (news for current students)
■Information for High School Students (Entrance exams/events/open campus, etc.)

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