Opening of Sophia-Arrupe International Residence in April 2019

Sophia-Arrupe International Residence

In April 2019, a new international residence for Sophia students, Sophia-Arrupe International Residence will open. Registration is now open and an original educational program for its residents is also being organized.

Sophia- Arrupe International Residence is named after Fr.Pedro Arrupe, S.J. who made a great contribution in designing academic mission for Jesuit educational institutions promoting a slogan “Men for Others”. Succeeding his belief, Sophia-Arrupe International Residence intends to nurture its residents to become global citizens with diverse worldview through living in multinational and diverse environment.

Original Educational Program for All Residents

At Sophia-Arrupe International Residence, utilizing its diversity embraced by multinational residents with various cultural and religious backgrounds, its original educational program is being organized. This yearlong program aims to promote individuals to be able to design own future with solid vision willing to cooperate with others of diverse backgrounds in fast paced globalizing era.

First half of the program offers lectures and workshops by guest lecturers exceling in various fields to understand importance of diversity and a personal vision. Based on such learning, the rest of the program offers learning opportunities to encourage students to reflect on their learning and the outcomes of their work through cooperating with businesses and the local authority or creating proposals for individual projects.

In addition partnering with Shinsei Kaikan next door, it is plan to facilitate cultural exchanges in order to advance understanding of diversity.

First Period Registration Now Open

First period registration is open now. Information session in English for current students will be held at 12:45pm to 1:20pm on Thursday, November 22 at Bldg.2-Room 509.

If you have any questions please contact Center for Student Affairs.

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