Sophia University revamps website to enhance inspiring learning

Sophia University is proud to announce the launch of our newly designed website on Monday, November 19, 2022. The new website has been completely revamped with the aim of becoming the website that inspires learning. The website features rich interviews with current students, faculty members, executive board members, and alumni to provide a clear sense of learning at Sophia University through their stories.


(1)Contents that convey learning and research at Sophia University

The new website will have six special features, and those articles will be updated regularly.

  • Sophia Style Online: Current students and alumni reflect on their days at Sophia University
  • Learning at Sophia: In-depth interviews with students who appear in the “Learning at Sophia “video series
  • Window to the World: Current students who have studied abroad introduce their experiences
  • The Knot – Nexus of Knowledge by Sophia Professors: A closer look at our faculty’s research
  • Sophia’s endeavor to Evolve: Sophia’s President and five vice residents discuss our past present, and future endeavors
  • Sophia Chronicle since 1913: Sophia’s historical narrative based on materials provided by Sophia Archives

All articles available here

(2)Bookmark functions now available

The new website allows users to add favorite articles and events of interest to their “bookmarks” so that they can easily review topics of interest later.

Learn more about bookmarks

(3)Two new websites also launched

With the renewal of Sophia University’s official website, we have also launched two new websites, one specifically for prospective students and the other for current students.

Admissions Information provides detailed information on entrance examinations and other admissions information while the website for current students, named “Sophia University Web Piloti”, provides information necessary for university life, such as course registration, scholarships, and study abroad programs.

We hope you enjoy the new official Sophia University website.

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