Revising English statement of our university educational philosophy

January 5, 2022
Yoshiaki Terumichi
President of Sophia University

With the neighborliness and internationality based on Christian humanism at the center of its research and education, Sophia University has upheld fostering “Men and Women for Others, with Others” as our educational philosophy.

While we remain dedicated to the spirit of this philosophy, Sophia University will renew its slogan to a gender-neutral term: For Others, with Others.

Since its establishment, Sophia University has worked with its members, including students, faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds, to develop an environment where its members can thrive in their individual goals with mutual respect.

We will engage more actively in creating inclusive research and education settings where no one is excluded based on their gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, race, religion and/or any kind of disabilities, etc.

Sophia University

For Others, With Others