Classes on May 17 and onward

May 10, 2021
Sophia University

Dear Students,

The Government has decided to extend the state of emergency declared in Tokyo through May 31.

Sophia University is currently offering classes online from Thursday, May 6 through Saturday, May 15, with the exception of certain classes. Although the COVID-19 situation remains unpredictable, based on careful consideration of the status of infection at Sophia University, we have decided to increase the ratio of classes offered in person from Monday, May 17, with further measures to prevent infection. Students will be notified on the bulletin board for each course.

As we increase the number of classes offered in person, in order to reduce contact on campus and to mitigate anxieties students who opt to take classes online will be permitted to do so upon request. This also applies to those students who started the semester taking classes in persons. Please refer to notices posted by the Center of Academic Affairs (Loyola bulletin) and contact the professor teaching the class.

This measure is subject to change in the case of severe developments in the status of infections in Tokyo or at Sophia University. Please be sure to check for notices posted by the university before coming to campus. Furthermore, we must continue to make every effort to stop the spread of infections in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. Please refrain from eating and drinking in groups and return home as soon as the purpose of your visit has been fulfilled, so that we may continue our in-person classes and research. Your cooperation is very important.

As we will maintain our class offerings policy for the current academic year to deliver classes in person to the extent possible; and therefore, once the state of emergency declaration is lifted, all classes will resume their original format.

  • Changes made to class formats will be announced on the class bulletin. Please be sure to check for updates.
  • Students who have not applied for online classes in April, but wish to take in-person classes online, should contact the professor in charge of each course. However, please understand that HyFlex cannot be accommodated for some classes, including those involving practical skills and experiments, due to the character of the course.

Sophia University

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