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The Sophia Career Center supports students' job-seeking activities and helps them to explore career opportunities.

Location: Building 2, 1st Floor (Next to the Catholic Center)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-16:30 (Lunch hour 11:30-12:30)
During the lunch hour the Career Center remains open to students, however staff are unavailable.

Information for Students
Sophia University Job Search Guide for International Students (JP-EN Version)

This booklet will introduce you to the general details of job hunting in Japan.

  • Individual consultation
    The career center offers various kinds of counseling on job search. Our staff offer professional advice through individual consultation (40 minutes) by appointment, and simple inquiries may be made at the service desk. Individual counseling is available in Japanese and English. Please make an appointment in advance.

  • Registering your career plans
    We ask that all students register their career plans during their third or fourth year. Students wishing to proceed to graduate school or choosing to not seek employment after graduation are also asked to register. (Graduate students may register anytime)

    Please register on Loyola through the "Career Center" section "Enter your career plans" link. You may also register in-person at the career center.

  • Registering your decided post-graduation career options
    We ask that upcoming graduates let the career center know of their plans post-graduation when they have decided (If you have accepted a job offer, accepted to graduate school, etc.) This can be done through the "Career Center" section "Enter your career options" link in Loyola.

    In addition, we also ask for students’ cooperation in filling out a job hunting report which will be used as reference in providing up to date information for future graduates.
    *Please note students that do not register their career options will be contacted by the Career Center.

  • Career Education Programs
    Sophia University provides numerous educational programs for students looking to explore their future careers. In addition to credit courses aimed at a variety of academic level students, students that are looking to get hands-on experience may sign up and participate in internships or join alumni events to speak directly with alumni.

  • Career Support Programs
    The Career Center organizes over 350 programs with over 30,000 participants yearly. Presenters range from company HR representatives to alumni working in a variety of professional areas. Programs are held during lunch-time or after class and cover various topics such as: company research, resume writing, interviewing, job hunting skills, and test preparation. In addition there are specially tailored programs for STEM students, nursing students, international students, and students who will graduate with study-abroad experience.

    Check Loyola or the Career Center System for details on upcoming programs.
    Career Center System(Japanese Only)

  • Internships
    Internship information is available online through Loyola, the Career Center System, and at the Career Center on the “Internship” bulletin board.

  • Support for students with disabilities
    The Career Center provides support to students with visible and non-visible disabilities. Specialized staff are available for private consultation, job information and event information is also available and updated periodically.

  • Visa (For International Students)
    Visa Information for after Graduation

  • For more information, please check the bulletin board at the entrance of the Career Center, Loyola, and the Career Center System. (Japanese Language)

International Students Paths after Graduation

Information for Alumni
■Handling of Career Information of Graduates

The Career Center handles and manages the career information of graduates in accordance with the "Rules for the Protection of personal Information" of Sophia School Corporation's Regulations. The Career Center handles and manages the career information of graduates carefully as follows.

(Reference: Sophia School Corporation's policy on the protection of personal information)

1. Purpose and use of collection
We will use the information only for students seeking employment who wish to visit alumni, mainly for company research. It will not be used for any other purpose.

2. Method of provision
The data of the notification of career decision submitted by the student at the time of graduation, including name, gender, department, year of graduation, and career path (company name, school, etc.), can be viewed on the computer in the Career Center with personal authentication only when the student has agreed to disclose said information.
Only current students can use this service. Printing and copying of the data is not permitted. This data cannot be accessed from off-campus.

In addition to the above, there is an "OBOG List", or "Alumni List" provided by companies.
This list is available at the Career Center counter and can only be viewed by current students upon identification with a student ID card.
Photocopying and photographing are not allowed, and only note-taking is permitted. The type of information provided varies from company to company. Not all companies provide this information.
Please contact the company directly for disclosure, deletion, or modification of alumni information provided by the company.

3. Retention period
Although there is no specific retention period, information retained for a long period of time will be periodically deleted. In addition, information may be deleted upon request by the alumni.

Procedures regarding Career Information

Procedures for disclosure, deletion, and correction of career path information are as follows. All procedures are free of charge.

1.Disclosure and deletion of career information
If you wish to disclose or delete your information registered with the Career Center, please contact the Career Center.
Please submit the "Request Form for Disclosure or Deletion of Career Information" attached at the bottom of this page to the Career Center in person or send it to the Career Center by email or mail.
Please also submit a copy of your ID (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.).
Please note that we will not be able to notify you if there are no documents that can verify your identity, or if the address on the application form and the address that can verify your identity are different.

- In case of disclosure: Notification will be sent by email or mail within one week after receipt of the request form.
(In some cases, we may be able to notify you immediately at the counter.)

- In case of deletion: We will delete the information within one week after receipt of the request form.

Please submit the "Request Form for Disclosure or Deletion of Career Information" attached at the bottom of this page to the Career Center, or send it to the Career Center by email or mail. We will delete the information within one week after receiving it.

2. Procedures for Correction of Career Information (Change of Company, etc.)
If you wish to correct your career path, please submit the "Career Plan Registration" (for both new graduates and former graduates) form attached at the bottom of this page to the Career Center in-person or send it to the Career Center by mail.
We will make corrections within one week after receiving the form.
Please also submit a copy of your ID (driver's license, health insurance card, passport, etc.).

Email: Career Center, Sophia University, 7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan

↓Please use the forms below. 

Request Form for Disclosure and Deletion of Career Information
(28.39 KB)
Career Plan Registration (for both new graduates and former graduates)
(76.28 KB)

Information for Employers

A. On-Campus Career Fairs
On-Campus career fairs are held from time to time. Please contact us for information.

B. Job Offers & Internships
Full-Time job and internship offers may be submitted in person or sent via email.

*Please consult with the Center for Student Affairs (TEL: 03-3238-3525) regarding part-time job offers.

For in person submissions, we ask that you make an appointment beforehand. The Career Center office hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00-11:30 and 12:30-16:30.

Career Center
Sophia University
Building 2, 1st Floor
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