Sophia Institute for Human Security (SIHS) was established for the purpose of researching human security through social science. It was launched as a “Private University Research Branding Project” subsidized by the MEXT, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in December 2017 in Project Research Division Research Unit at Sophia University.  In July 2022, the institute received the ORION fund and switched to Affiliated Research Organizations.


SIHS considers poverty, environment, medical care, immigrants and refugees, and peacebuilding as the five important human security issues in an international society. We will work on the realization of human security through academic research by becoming an international center of excellence that designs effective policies and institutions to solve these problems using social science research methods. Our research division consists of five units: poverty, environment, health and medical care, immigrants and refugees, and peacebuilding. The developing regions of Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia are our main research fields. The following are the basic policies which SIHS considers essential to realize human security:

  1. To tackle the realization of human security through the research results of social science.
  2. To promote research based on local circumstances and problems while working in collaboration with local researchers.

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