Creating new optical devices with extreme nanofabrication technology and the latest theory

Sophia Photonics Research Center has been established in 2019 as an activity base of research project regarding to “Creating Topological States and Innovative Functionality Based on Artificial Graphenes” (2018-2023) which is a CREST program of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The main subject of this project is experimentally demonstrate the “topological phonic phenomena” at room temperature in visible light region and develop new optical device technology based on world top-level semiconductor nanostructure fabrication technology of Sophia University. As an example of topological photonic phenomena called “topological edge transport”, light can propagate an interface between two different type insulators which cannot transfer the light. In this state, the light became very robust for structural disordering and shows one directional propagation. At the Photonics Research Center, we are conducting research activities to develop innovative technologies for realizing new optical devices utilizing such novel physical phenomena.

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