Challenging the Possibility of Three Primary Color Light-Emitting Devices Based on Nanocolumns and Nanocrystals

The Nanotechnology Research Center was established in April 2008 as Sophia University’s core organization for nanotechnology research. Its present activity centers on collaborative projects with companies. This center operates to study various subjects based on GaN nanocolumns and related nanocrystals, which were pioneered by the project team member, that is, aiming at overcoming the challenging issues of nitride semiconductor emission devices, developing the fundamental technology of three primary colors emitting devices, exploring novel solid state physics based on nanocrystals, and finally clarifying the physics of nanocrystal effect of nanocolumns. Recently, blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) attracted attention because they led bright and energy-saving white light sources. This research project aims the development of base technology of three primary colors integrated laser/ LEDs with the highly functional and ultrafine structures, in which red, green, and blue laser / LEDs are monolithically prepared on the same crystal, was achieved. This new generation light emitting devices, which provide a micro size full color light spot, exerts a great impact on the full-color application field by innovating display systems of laser / LED projection displays, retina scanning personal displays, and so on.

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