Deepen the understanding of Europe through a wide variety of research projects

The European Institute, officially established in 2007, grew out of the former Germanic Cultural Research Institute, merging with the Institute of Spanish Studies in 2009, and has thus stretched its research scope to the society and culture of the whole European continent. Now reorganized into four study sections, “politics, economy and society”, “art and culture”, “language” and“history”, the Institute is active in promoting research projects both on its own and jointly with other organizations

Principal activities

  • Organizing public lectures and symposia by prominent scholars from around the globe (Recent events include: The 3rd Symposium for Belgian Studies-Histories of Japan-Belgium Relations, Symposium dedicated to Mikhail Bulgakov’s 130th Anniversary of the Birth, and Lecture “Traditional Performing Arts and Physical Arts ―Comparison of Japan and Europe”
  • Publishing“Sophia Journal of European Studies”(available online) and“Sophia European Studies Series” which feature reports of research projects and symposia organized by the Institute.
  • Collection and library service of books, written materials and periodicals related to European studies (The library is composed of German, Swiss, Austrian, European, Spanish and Portuguese sections)
  • Serving as the EU information Centre (EUi) which provides a wide range of EU official periodicals and documents and participates in Japan-EU Friendship Week.

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